Toggling threading breaks my signature! RRS feed

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  • How many bugs can you spot in this incident?

    For some reason many old threads I once participated in have sprung to life in My Threads.  I almost wish I could ignore them.

    Posters are replying somewhere inside the thread (e.g. some subthread) and leaving no context to what they are replying to.

    I go to My Settings and toggle Threading on.   When I return I am still at the bottom of the thread.  No thread context.  I go into an RSS view and see where I would like to start and click on that.  I am returned to the bottom of the thread!?

    Edit:  I used the RSS view to find the message.  I only toggled into Thread view to find the message context.  Why not let the message show itself in the Thread view?

    I decide to reply.  After Submit I find that toggling Threading has broken my signature.  Edit that.  Return to My Settings to toggle Threading off and fix my signature.

    How about providing a button for toggling threading that works immediately?

    Cross-post this to Suggestions if desired.   I think these are usability defects.

    Now I find out if my signature is working again.   I would definitely use a Submit preview if one was available.   <eg>

    Edit:  the signature was messed up.  my fault.  I was not allowed to change it and use it with an edit so I deleted that instance of it and still have not tested whether it works properly.

    Edit:  I added some more suggestions which were obvious implications from the above UX defects.

    BTW the reason that I am now using a signature and the reason that I always sign at least one post in full is that this seems to be the only way that I can make search help me find my posts.   Fix the search and I won't need to sign.


    Robert Aldwinckle

    Thursday, June 20, 2013 1:14 PM