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  • First I Would like to apologize for having to start a new thread, I am doing so because my old one was locked before I could get what I felt was an answer to a legitimate question.

    My concern about WGA is how it is placed on to computers.  My experience with it was that well having automatic updates turned off this program was installed without
    and form of consent by windows.  and as Stephen Holm MSFT said "This forum is here to address customers who are experiencing WGA problems" and I feel that this is a problem concerning WGA.

    A computer virus is defined as "A program that enters a computer usually without the knowledge of the operator. Some viruses are mild and only cause messages to appear on the screen, but others are destructive and can wipe out the computer's memory or cause more severe damage."

    So looking at the points

    1. WGA installed without (in my case and possibly others) knowledge (or consent) of the operator
    2. Causes messages to appear.  Yes even though its mild as other forum posters have said it can cause problems.  Computer repairmen are having legitimate copies of windows
    displaying the message that it might be pirated and (at least for me) is causing there customers to be concerned and creating addition work.
    3. Are destructive and can wipe out the computer's memory or cause more severe damage. I personally believe that the reputation damage is severe, having a long time customer
    suddenly not trusting you because his copy of windows is "pirated" is potently the worst thing that can happen in a small business.  Loss of reputation is the loss of trust that has been built up and means that many will probably take there business elsewhere.  I know the counter to this is that I should buy my copy of windows from trusted retailers, but I have personally had calls concerning this issue with a copy I bought at best buy when I was in a pinch.  I had hoped that a nation wide chain was a "trusted retailer", but sadly this is not the case.

    I understand that Microsoft is trying to protect there business interests, but I can't believe this is the right way. 
    To me in every way this is an illegal virus made by Microsoft and was hoping that at least in some small way I could convince at least some one in MS that this isn't the right way
    and that maybe when they are looking out for there business interests maybe they should think about the ramifications of it to the people that keep them in business and
    a better means could be accomplished. 


    Thursday, April 2, 2009 11:27 PM

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  • Sintis,

    Please take the physical time and read the information I provided to you. I locked the thread because of your tone. Please if you have questions which I can not provide you with answers for here then go back to the previous posting and get the information I provided.

    Thank you again,

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    Friday, April 3, 2009 12:15 AM