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  • Hi, today about 10 minutes ago I was not able to access my inbox. It was locking all over. After 10 minutes I dont know why I tried Google Chrome. Bang it works ok. What?

    What is going on with Microsoft really? I have been a Microsoft supporter since windows 3.1. And after the greatest operating system ever , windows 95, I always recommended my people (5000+ computers I am/was maintaining) to use nothing but Microsoft software.  But in previous years strange things happened. 

    Did you ever see office 2003 lock up? I didnt. Office 2007 ? A few times. But Office 2010 and 2013 ? I couldnt count.

    In all my neighbours I am the only one using Windows phone. A 930. I installed the beta 10. I endured everything just to help it to be better. The latest built is ok , workable, but for Gods sake I wait 10 seconds for it to search my contacts which are at most 500. To return to main GUI it takes sometime 5 seconds. Why in the hell the GUI part and the phone part of the system is swapped ? Who ever decided to this should be fired. I dont understand how they do such a mistake.

    I always wanted people to buy legal sofware and made it compulsory to support them. I am in Turkey and windows is sold at the same price here and US. Now US GDP is 49,641 (2012) but in Turkey it is 7000 or similar. How in the hell the heads in Microsoft do not see this? For gods sake people can successfully live a month with the price of windows 7/8 pro price here. 

    After the mess of windows 3.1 they have been able to give us windows 95 and server 2003 which were rock solid, cut my workload more than 2/3. Later version were not bad nothing too severe. But windows 8 and now 10? Did you ever reinstall windows 8 from the orijinal media? God, it installs 1GB of updates first, then reboot, install another 800 gb , reboot, another , another. God it is frusturating. After 3-4 months in general your windows folder is near 30 gb. This prevents me from using 30 gb ssds which are perfectly ok if just microsoft got rid of installation cache. NO. Please shoot this person who decided this installation system out. It doesnt deserve his salary. 

    I convince my customers to install SSDs on every computer. For desktops everything works ok. You can reactivte windows no problem. But the notebooks that came with preinstalled 8 and 8.1? Those that have their code installed in BIOS. God help you. 

    To counter act installation stupidity I always use updated isos. But those with windows SL do not boot with the updated isos. (Some do some dont depending on the manufacturer ) But those that implement Microsoft Secure Boot do not. If you disable it you just cannot access to your legitimate paid for OS. God what is this? You are torturing legitimate customers in order to prevent pirate copies. Do people who use pirate copies buy your software? No they still use pirated copies. So what did you achive by torturing your legit customers? Nothing. Way to go.

    I am also a software developer and building IOS apps together with windows and android apps. So I bought a Macbook pro. I can use it for 13 hours at battery. (You cannot build IOS apps without OSX (sort of)). I also installed my Windows in the same machine via bootcamp. The same machine runs 13 hours with OSX but can only run 4.5 hours with windows. Guess what I have done. I uninstalled it and installed vmware fusion and run windows as guest. Bang it works 12-13 hours in the VM. Can someone explain this please. 1-2 hours difference would be ok but his is not acceptable. I feel betrayed. 

    Office 365 and generally azure are near perfect. I personally made 100s of people buy office 365. It is just the way it should be. But i still wait for those people to be able to share their folders between different accounts. Why in the hell it is not implemented ? This is the most important shortage of this service. You can share documents but not folders. Frusturating really.

    Sorry for the tone of this post. I am and will always be microsoft supporter. But  please Mr Gates, return back to Microsoft and sort it out. Your company needs new tires, they are slipping. 

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  • For the office issues I'd try asking over here.


    the windows phone issues here.


    and general windows issues here.


    or possibly the insider forum here.





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  • I've used MS products since DOS.

    Nowadays the applications are more advanced than previously.

    However in my opinion MS has always sent out software and uses the end customer to sort out issues with it. Which is why so many updates occur with MS products I suspect.

    In the old days some updates would occur. Nowadays it seems a never ending supply of updates are available on a daily basis. I suspect my old Win 7 64 bit OS has enough updates to increase its size by a half since I bought the PC it was preinstalled on.

    And since applications are so more advanced nowadays then there's alot more that can go wrong with them. I try not to use an MS product until it is at least 2 years old. By then most problems have been provided as bug reports to MS and MS either fixes them or not. But even if you buy a product at least 2 years old plan on seeing significant updates for it over the life you use it. Since MS will be receiving bug reports from end users and companies over the life of the product. Including security updates of course.

    It seems to me nowadays MS is more into getting the product out the door than testing to a level they should be testing to prior to releasing a product.

    Regard MS Phone. Apple and Android (Android %51 share) own about 96% or greater of the market for smartphones OS's. One reason not to purchase a phone with MS OS on it.

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