computer doesn't recognize microsoft RRS feed

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  • my computer is having an internet connection problem . i've been doing all the checks that microsoft support helped me with . when i turn computer on everything appears fine it even says internet is connected. but when i try to go to internet can't connect. problem with modem or router it says, but i have 3 other comps that are working on same line . i reset modem and router . doesn't change . i found out that onecare was a problem so i found it and got rid off it. still not letting me to internet althought it says internet connection is good. the only thing if come up with is in connection wizard says ww. microsoft.com not recogniized. it also says unreecognized winsock NSP: NWLink IPX/SPX/NETBIOS COMPATIBLE TRANSPORT PROTOCOL.so i found that file with support and its not there . i do have spx/ and ipx in there but they start with msafd which i was told was ok. i have other comps on same router so i can compare files with help, so i need some help. anyone out there send me anything that may help..i've done so many things now it doesn't matter. also i can't get internet on bad comp ,it says its there but i can't get there. so any links to fix would be helpful but i can't download direct to bad comp. thanks..
    Wednesday, September 30, 2009 5:23 AM

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