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  • Hi Developers.

    This software would be great if usability would be better than 0.


    There's no way to enter source folder, I can only use the folder browser dialog what is an other example of poor usability.

    Drag and drop doesn't work either. Wake up guys, Microsoft designed dropping files feature for Windows years ago, you should know about it.

    Once a collage was created there's no way I can revert to source pictures to make changes except closing window, select 'Add to AutoCollage' in Photo Gallery, then select folder again. If there is such feature it is very well hidden.

    Selecting faces is a total failure. First it is also hidden, I had to read help to be able to use it. Why is it not possible to just click and select? Or why isn' there some onscreen documentation how to do it?

    The other failure in face selection area is how pictures are zoom in and out only by moving the cursor couple of pixels. Why is it not possible to select a picture, resize/maximize it, make changes, then save or cancel changes and deselect picture??

    Manual selection of faces removes automatic detected faces. This actually means that automatic face detection is useless because it will never recognise all faces but if I want all faces to be used I have to select all manually. 

    I couldn't find a way to launch software except from Photo Gallery. If it can be used without Photo Gallery why can't it be launched without it?

    Instead of showing a totally useless animation while creating the collage I'd prefere speed and more customisation options (i.e. move pictures once they are positioned to fix cropping errors).


    I'd rather not share what I think about asking for any money for this alpha level software. £18.00 is a total ripoff, I rather use free Picasa or pay for a decent software.

    Sunday, December 11, 2011 10:43 PM

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  • I might have found a bug. Sometimes faces are overlapped by other pictures. Tried with manual face selection too but didn't help.

    This combined with the lack of positioning the pictures when collage is ready makes this program unusable.


    Once the collage is ready I should be able to: 

    -Zoom picture in-out.

    -Move picture so that if a fragment I'd like on collage is not visible I can move it into visible area.

    Sunday, December 11, 2011 11:54 PM
  • One last bug because I'll not experiment more: save dialog doesn't remember location although as far as I know this is a Windows feature so one must explicitely override it in order to make it not working.

    Please don't do it, I selected save to location on purpose, don't try to be smarted than me.

    Sunday, December 11, 2011 11:57 PM