SyncToy (Contribute): deletions on destination folder not re-created ? RRS feed

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  • Hi SyncToy-developers,

    i am using synctoy in a company for making incremental backups of attachments belonging to a database and stored seperatly from the database contents on the filesystem.
    (In general i could also use Echo instead of Contribute for my syncronization, but for the first try i prefer Contribute.)

    Now i detected a behavior of SyncToy i was not expecting:
    When I execute a manual deletion of a file on the destination folder, this deleted file IS NOT re-created by the Contribute-syncronization. I would have expected that this file is re-created & newly copied from the soure to destination folder.

    Is this the correct behavior of the Contribute (or Echo)-mode of SyncToy ?
    And is it possible to get a re-creation of deleted files on the destionation-folder without switching the mode to Syncronization ?

    (I used SyncToy in the past for my own laptop in Syncronization-mode & deleted files were of course detected in both directions during the preview)

    Best Regards,

    Wednesday, July 25, 2012 11:35 AM