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  • Helo Rafik,


    In April I enquired about data sync through email, please see original post and your reply below.

    Has anything changed since then?

    I am stuck with email(attachment) as we do not have a direct connection, its all store and forward.


    Would be great if Sync Services can provide a solution.





    Hello all--------------->

    Completely new to SQl compact and sync services.

    1. Is it possible to sync (say 5 updates/inserts) over a very low bandwidth(9-32k)/high cost line - (mainly one way)?

    2. Is it possible to use sync services to sync though an email attachment, client to server ?

    Look forward to your response,




    Your Reply<----------------
    Hi there,

    1- It is possible.

    2- Sync Services uses dataset to store content. Putting attachment into dataset is overkill and will explode the data size over the wire. Still, you can use sync services to sync the file path (ftp, or http download location) then your application on the server side can then grab the file; just a thought.



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  • Hi,


    You can use email to transfer the changes between client and server. However, the sync runtime expects dataset and metadata objects that you must construct from the email. The good news is that all these types are XML serializable which simplifies things for you.


    Does this help?




    Thursday, October 25, 2007 9:19 PM