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  • Hi, I've perused the various threads on the subject of data recovery, but I still am not clear on this - can someone help?

    My WHS 1.0 will no longer reboot, and I had been getting error warnings on it for some time now. Alas - I didn't react soon enough :)  I've since bought a new 1TB disk to act as the new system drive.

    I can plug the old system drive into another computer and browse the files, so it appears I can successfully transfer the data on the D: partition to another disk (call it N:).  My question is, how to I incorporate said data into the new disk pool after I do a system reinstall on the new drive and rebuild the tombstones?  Do I have to include the target disk (N:) into the new server's disk pool, or is there a way to copy the (N:) data back onto one of the good data drives and have the system rebuild that data?

    Or how about this:  Do I just copy the data from on (N:\DE) back to the server once it reinstalled and rebuilt the tombstones?

    FOLLOWUP:  I've discovered that Windows 7 isn't giving me permission to copy the \DE\share files from my bad system disk to a different location.  Help? :)


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  • Try this:


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  • Thanks, Phil - I already have.  But it doesn't really go into detail as to how to incorporate the offloaded data from the bad drive back into the new server.  Although I assume this addresses it most closely.

    "Copy this data either to the new server installation by accessing the server shares through the desktop shortcut Shared Folders on server or to another storage location"

    So, I assume this means that the reinstall onto the new drive will automatically incorporate the data from the attached storage drives, and then I copy back into the server the files located in the old D:\DE\shares folder?  Problem is, Windows 7 isn't allowing me permission to even copy, let alone delete any data from the \DE folder.

    Tuesday, June 12, 2012 9:09 PM