Removing Yammer CRM integration AND returning to the OOTB RSS Activity Feeds RRS feed

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  • A special thank you to Chet Kloss and Sean McNellis for helping develop work-around’s for the technological gap of not being able to re-associate CRM with a different Yammer Org after initial integration. My hope is for the addition of this type of “reset” tech in the UI.

    As you may know, once you choose a Yammer organization to integrate with CRM, there was no known way to associate it with a different Yammer org. Using the SDK, Chet and I discovered the fields (within the Organization table) that constrained this functionality, we tested how CRM would react when nulling the fields (thank you Scribe Online). No problems == exciting! In a later conversation with Bart Sneary, RBA Consulting, he introduced me to our very own Sean McNellis’ “Dynamics CRM Organization Settings Editor” solution (http://orgdborgsettings.codeplex.com/). Sean was receptive to adding this functionality and quickly whipped up an alpha solution that did the trick! Sean tells me a new version of his solution will soon be released.

    A side note… nulling these fields magically returns the “what’s new”/RSS activity feeds functionality!

    I have added a product improvement suggestion to Connect (https://connect.microsoft.com/dynamicssuggestions/feedbackdetail/view/1456372/yammer-integration-reset-needed). Please vote it up!

    Great teamwork though experiences like this make me proud to be “One Microsoft!”
    Monday, June 22, 2015 1:14 AM