Wish SyncToy would ask for input when a file was changed in both folders. RRS feed

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  • Synctoy is an almost perfect solution for me in keeping a folder synched between laptop and desktop when I go on road trips.  There is one thing I regret.  Suppose I get home and change a file in the desktop folder before I remember to sync the desktop and laptop.  Ans suppose I also changed this file while I was on the road.  Now I've made a mess for myself but SyncToy doesn't flag it.  It happily overwrites the laptop version with the desktop version.  I wish I could configure SyncToy's options to do one of three things:  save both (with some naming convention) or deliver an error message ("Can't sync file aaaaa.bbb because it was modified in both folders") or pop up a dialog asking for my input on what to do ("Overwrite right to left, Overwrite left to right, Don't sync this file").  Anyone know how to do this?  Or is this really a suggestion for a future feature?
    Thursday, November 11, 2010 5:11 PM