Hackers have completely W10 too far and developers I believe may be bad esp China RRS feed

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  • The ability to alter my navigation and shows my device all over the vicinity but sometimes appears at an address more than one time makes those locations potential hackers. In WIFI and Bluetooth range. Invisible open sources public networks can be created on own devices.  Duplicate folders and access any account on devices. Does creating your own if an hacker domain email address help hackers in anyway when emails are bounced or rejections to send an active account leads to Hong Kong.  GPS plus Admin control and owner lockouts Chinas to be Cyber Weapon doesn't matter they steal fake control media feeds access accounts and building a database. I want CNN Network Certificates to take a peek and Trump is waiting I believe.  U help me I url gone u. ajsjasonspeier@0outlook.com Adam Speier Thanks Pissed of Attorney 5 years hacked 
    Friday, June 12, 2020 12:12 AM