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  • I've had some hardware changes. The biggest change was two hard drives were damaged and became unreadable. I removed them and installed two new drives. Naturally, Home Server was not happy. I "removed" the hard drives from the system through that process and added the two new drives. I had the server setup where it had file duplication on so I feel like the data I wanted is still there.

    After reading up on what to do, (I had a list of error messages) and started using the Verifying and Backup Database process. It literally has been going for 6 days. The processing bar went about one third of the way quickly (under 30 minutes) and has not moved perceptibly since.

    I also found a bit of software that installed a Conflict Resolver tab on the Home Server Console. I tried using that process also. It did not seem to go any faster and just made note of thinks like Damaged Files and Tombstones. It must have done some sort of repair as the error messages were reduced to one that said the "Backup service is not running".

    I followed the Help instructions and ran down the steps where it took me to the Backup Data Base Repair process. That is where I am now. The hard disk lamp flashes occasionally and all the drives seem very warm as if they are all spinning up from time to time.

    Will this process ever complete? The Backup Database Repair box states the process could take several hours. I'm W-A-Y beyond that.

    If I stop the process, I can see all the files I was concerned about loosing. I have not tried to "restore" or view them as many are movies, so I'm not sure if they are really there enough to be complete.

    The "Server Storage" tab shows what appears to be a proper amount of volume for the files. I cannot get the back up service running until the database repair is done. Is this normal?


    I've read some of the fixes that might apply to this issue.  The biggest problem, "All your backups will be lost."  With nearly 7 terabytes of videos, photos and other important office documents, what good is that kind of fix if you loose everything?

    Thursday, August 5, 2010 4:10 PM

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  • The backups that are being referred to are the backups of your home computers, not files in your shares. Files were lost (if any were) because of the failure of two disk drives.

    If the repair hasn't finished after several days, then it's safe to assume that it won't finish. Your only option is to delete the backup database and start over from scratch, which will, as noted, cost you all the backups in the database. You'll find the location of the backup database mentioned in the Home Computer Backup and Restore technical brief, along with information on which services you should shut down before manipulating the database and restarting. Once you've deleted the database and restarted your server, you'll have to reconfigure any custom exclusions you may have done for home computers.

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    Thursday, August 5, 2010 5:09 PM