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  • i am having dough ts about this home server.i have been threw hell and can not get it to produce.i have been wasting time.presently i had to restore my pc.of course i lost most of my files and days putting my software back.have had home server for some time.have 3 pc.but i could not back this one up.so i figured start fresh its been 1 day and 7 hours and its backup only 23 %. went to bed last night at 22% woke up 22% .left both pc on and running waste of electricity presently 23% log indicates unsuccessful on 2 other attempts in past my laptop and gameing pc did back up my primary pc could not.here is my server configuration .i have a solid state hd for boot and 1 t hd for storage and external 1 tb ,is sshd effecting this set up.if so why successful with other 2 pc.. .is there a product that can back up 3 home pc,s. that is reasonable tired of wasting time
    Thursday, April 4, 2013 4:52 PM