VSS snapshot restore is failing due to SCSI serial number mismatch


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    I have a win2k12R2 Vm with single VDisk. Triggered a VSS quiesce operation on this VM and took snapshot of the VDisk. Cloned a VM from the snapshotted Vdisk and the VM is not booting. If I don't quiesce VM using VSS, repeat the experiment, VM is able to boot. From the tedious debugging, finally found that this is because of the SCSI serial number mismatch. Looks like VSS is marking SCSI serial number in the BCD. When the VM is restored from this VDisk, On boot, VM does SCSI enquiry to get the disk serial number. If the serial n umber doesn't match, VM is not booting. In this case, As the Disk is snapshotted, hypervisor returning different serial number.

    The question is, Where does VSS store this SCSI serial number information ? Is there a way to avoid this ? I am using hardware provider. I need application consistent snapshots of this VM. If i am able to take application consistent snapshots and not able to boot the VM from that, there is no point of taking the snapshots :). I am stuck here, Any suggestions how to avoid this ?

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