relationship between CA cert and end-user cert RRS feed

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  • I am just trying to figure out that if i have a CA cert file (the "trusted cert") somethingCA.cer, and i have a another issued cert User.cer which is issued by somethingCA.cer, how can i infer that user.cer is issued by somethingCA.cer, by some kind of computation. note that these are self issued/self signed certs and further have not been installed in the Store or anything like that. 

    Its not possible to verify using the cert2.Verify() function. but sure i would like to know how that function was implemented as it would help me here.

    I am okay with working with raw cert data i just need to know what to look for and what to do if anyone knows. just need to deduce whether the end user cert file is derived from the ca cert. 

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