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  • I imported a few campaigns from google with a lot of groups/keywords. How do I convert imported groups from draft to active?

    I'm guessing that I have to review each group (which will take a while) but I'm finding that to be difficult because I just tried going throught he process of reviewing one group and when I get to the end (Review) it says I have to choose a start date but there is absolutely no section on that page that has a start date.


    None of these sections on the review page have a start date. Infact, on the campaign management page I see all the adgroups listed and they all have a start date already which was 10/4 (day I imported I think)

    Also, can I set the daily budget for a campaign rather then each adgroup? I don't understand if that's what I did when I was reviewing this first ad group even though it says campaign monhtly budget. I'm wondering if I'm confusing google terms with adcenter... google = campaign>adgroup>keywords.

    Tuesday, October 30, 2007 4:26 PM


  • ZenMasta:


    In order to get ad groups currently in draft status to go live, the quickest way is to...

    1. On the Select a campaign page, open the appropriate campaign.

    2. From the Select an ad group page, select the check box(es) of the Draft ad group(s) you want to submit, and click Actions.

    3. From the Actions drop-down list, click Submit ad group.


    As for setting a monthly or daily budget, it can only be done at the campaign level and applies equally to all ad groups within that campaign. Use the following steps.

    1. On the Select a campaign page, open the appropriate campaign.

    2. From the Select an ad group page, click the [Edit] button next to Budget spent this month (USD). Even though you're on the ad group page, once you click this link, you'll be editing the campaign settings for all ad groups belonging to that campaign.

    3. From the per month drop-down list, click per day. The Maximum Monthly Budget text box shifts downward and you can now fill in the maximum  amount you to spend per day in the Campaign Budget (USD) text box. Note: this text box isn't visible until you select per month from the drop-down list.


    Let me know if this doesn't make sense to you. The user interface is a bit confusing with the hidden text box and all.




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    Wednesday, October 31, 2007 8:21 PM