CRM 2011 - Ribbon not showing when account selected - can't add Activity. Security roles issue? RRS feed

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  • Hello everyone,

    We've created a custom activity entity called "Trip Report", that basically captures information from a salesperson's trip to a customer.

    I've then created two security roles:

    a.) Base permissions - allows users to see account and their related contacts.

    b)  Trip report authors - allows users to create and edit new trip reports.

    The issue is - when a user with these two roles selects an account, he should see the ability to add a trip report - but he does not.  In fact, the user has NO ribbon choices whatsoever.

    The user CAN see the activities associated with the account, and can edit the existing trip reports, but there is no ability to create a new one under the Add tab.

    Am I missing a specific permissions to allow the user to add the custom activity?

    Here are the core settings (all set to organization if possible - we don't care about business units or user level)

    Account - Read, Write, Append, AppendTo, Assign, Share
    Activity - Create, Read, Write, Append, AppendTo, Assign, Share
    Note - Create, Read, Write, Append, AppendTo, Assign, Share

    For Customization, I have read set on the following:

    Attribute Map, Customizations, Dialog Session, Entity, Entity Map, Field, Plug-in Assembly, Plug-in Type, Publisher, Relationship, SDK Message, Sdk Message Processing Step, Sdk Message Processing Step Image, System Form, View, and Web Resource

    I also have Write for Entity 

    Can anyone provide insight into why when we open an account, we don't see any ribbon?

    Thanks for any help - I'm pulling my hair out over here.


    Thursday, November 7, 2013 2:11 PM

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  • I could reproduce this is a demo environment. This is not a security role related issue.. you can test teh same with admin login and will experience the same behavior.

    What we are seeing is the limitation of the New (Polaris) UI. the left navigation doesn't show the ribbon elements to add new or existing items. Tried adding an activities subgrid to see if that can give the '+' to add new records but it only gave option to add existing records. For now, you could switch to the classic forms and then add the new custom activity to the account.

    Thankfully the problem is resolved in the Fall (2013) release and the UI works better now.

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    Thursday, November 7, 2013 6:44 PM