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  • I noticed yesterday that the file transfer speeds were very slow yesterday - did a little investigation and noticed that 3 of my 13 hard drives were set to PIO instead of DMA. (At this point, all 12 drives are individual - not added to the storage pool yet).


    All 3 drives were attached to the ATA/100 motherboard controller - the remaining 9 drives are attached to PCI ATA/133 controller cards (which do not lock the drive into PIO mode when there is a problem).


    I redid my cableing, moving 2 of the storage drives to the the PCI controllers - leaving the system boot drive on the motherboard controller.


    Rebooted after my modifications - and now had 12 drives in DMA mode and one in PIO mode.


    I them uninstalled the primary and secondary channels and uninstalled the controller - with my plan being that when the system rebooted - it would find the new devices - reinstall them and eventually mount the system drive in DMA mode. I've done this in the past and it worked (but don't know if I've ever done it with the boot drive).


    In any event, now I am unable to boot to the desktop (normal or safe mode). The bios info screens look proper - and display all 13 drives. But when I get to the Windows Server 2003 splash screen, the progress bar advances 2 squares - and then it reboots - and I'm back to my bios load screen.


    So apparently the problem occured when I removed the controller and channels for the boot drive.


    If that sounds like the problem, what can I do to remedy the problem?


    Is there a repair console that I can access from the install DVD?  I started the install DVD again - but stopped at the screen for new install or reinstall. There did not seem to be a repair option.


    What do I need to do to re-establish the system (short of performing a clean reinstall)?




    Saturday, June 23, 2007 4:23 PM