After upgrading windows, when trying to activate it keeps crashing RRS feed

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    I have a Dell PC with XP home, which I was having lots of problems, I couldnt use the original Dell XP CD to repair windows as it kept saying that the current version is newer than the one im installing. I managed to get hold of another XP home disc from a friend to do a repair. After succesfully repairing windows It now says I have 3 days to activate windows.  BUT everytime i goto activate windows it crashes saying Microsoft Out of Box Experience Has Encounterd a Problem and needs to shut down, send dont send etc.  So I cant activate windows. Any help much apreciated!

    Saturday, March 3, 2007 8:38 AM


  • Nu7z,

    The error message "current version is newer than the one being installed" happens when you try to use an older XP CD that is at a lower service pack level that the installation presently on the computer.

    IMO your best course of action is to use the instructions at this page http://vbdotnet.home.comcast.net/XP_SP2.htm to slipstream XP SP2 into your existing Dell OS Reinstallation CD, then back up and offload your data, then do a fresh clean installation of XP onto your Dell computer.

    You could also contact Dell customer support and order a replacement Dell OS Reinstallation CD for XP Home---the one they send you should have SP2 already integrated into it.  They usually charge about $15 shipped for the CD.

    Saturday, March 3, 2007 11:16 PM