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  • Ok server did it to me again well rather "A" hard drive. I had my WD take a dump (400 gigger), I have (had) 2 400's and a TB drive all WD.. Anyways, one of the 400's went out and naturally I got all kinds of red flags on my desktops. I finally had to put the drive into my freezer for three hours, hook it back up and boot with Winternals to copy the files from that disk. OK that worked, however while I was messing with this thing I noticed that my other 400 (boot drive) was so full that I kept getting warnings when the TB drive had hardly anything on it except for my "rescued folder". Which leaves me to wonder, why wasn't WHS dropping everything onto the TB drive?, which is what I wanted. I have C/D (boot drive) and E (TB drive). I have also realized that I am going to have to do a clean reinstall after I pull the TB drive and copy the needed files to an external drive.

    With all that said, upon reinstall should I use the TB drive as my 'boot' drive, then after the fat lady is done "add" the 400? Also I happen to have a new ATA baby that is SCSI with 4 250's in it, I want to use that a WHS backup, I wonder how should I add it (obviously after all the leg work is done) I assume that I don't add it as part of the pool? Also what raid config should I use for the SCSI? My issue is that I don't want to have to go through this again, it is BS! everytime I have a 'non boot drive' fail I spend hours fixing if not days and I am into my second day! I plan on using Acronis to back up WHS everynight to the SCSI. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

    Monday, January 17, 2011 4:21 PM