Title shown different from the Title you can edit. (The rest of the text dropped because of a RRS feed

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  • Here's an example.

    The title shown when I try to edit the title is

    "How can i change Current user"

    The actual title is longer - it's "How can i change Current user's permission for Document Library"

    I wanted to add the word "programmatically" to the Title to make it more exact. To do that I'd of course first have to add back everything that the edit function has removed.
    Another scenario would be that the main *text* was being edited not the Title. If you are not careful that edit could create (for free!) a different shorter and preseumably worse title.

    P.S. It was amusing to see that the subject of this post removed the apostrophe that I had at the end of the Title from the **normal black bold** title (i.e. not the edited version in this case)

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