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  • Hello does any one has expirience work with Sync Framework 2.1 where we need synchomnize table that has UNIQUE constraint by two fields (GUIDs) first of this fields is Id that can be dulicate, second one is FK from other table. Example (i use int field for simplicity)

     ID Key
    1   10
    2   10
    3   10
    1   11
    2   11
    3   11
    1   12
    2   12
    4   12

    As I know Sync Framework 2.1 must have PK in anyway. and in my case ID field can't be PK, Should I create new unique field (like NewID) for table and create UNIQUE constraint by Id and Key fields, but I don't know how sync framework will tracking difference between clients tables.


    Thursday, January 5, 2012 12:57 PM

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