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  • Do mesh folders belong to the device, or to the id assigned to them, or what?

    I just noticed this: I have 3 devices on my mesh. Call them D1, D2 and D3. Each is signed into Live Mesh with the same Hotmail account credentials.

    On D1, I created a folder and added it to the Live Mesh. I changed sync options to sync with D2.

    But on D3, there's a "not synced with this device" entry for the folder on D1 and D2, even though it's not synced to D3.

    So do those folders exist "in the mesh" and show up on every device?

    But if I want to share a folder with some external account, that person only sees the folder I invited her to share, correct? So what's different in that case?
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    Friday, May 16, 2008 5:17 PM


  • You as a person are identified by your Live ID. It is your Mesh and so the folder belongs to your as also do the devices you added to your Mesh. When you create a folder it is added to your Mesh and can be syn'd to any of your devices. Hence it showed up as "can be sync'd to this device" on D3.

    When it comes to sharing a folder with other users, you have to invite them. After they accept the invitation, the folder is available in their Mesh and can be sync'd to any device that they added to their Mesh.

    Hope that was helpful!
    Akash Sagar
    Friday, May 16, 2008 5:42 PM