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  • My system all of a sudden this even began to show on the lower left a messages indicating that my Windows Vista (TM) Build 6000 "This copy of windows is not genuine." But in fact it is. It came loaded on this pc and was upgraded on this PC and never once was this indicated in the past. Furthermore this PC loaded with this troublesome software was purchased from Circuit City only a couple of months ago. I've spend more time on this Software than on any other of my previous PC only to constantly find new issues to resolve! To date The ever publicised Media Center doesn't even seem compatible...I'm starting to get my wits about me and return this thing for a MAC. Forgive me but my patience has worn way down and I"m tired of being up until 2 am trying to get the thing to work rather than enjoy it.


    Saturday, August 25, 2007 5:16 AM