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           I got a error that told d3d was removed when I using hardware decoder/post processing/hardware encoder to process high definition videos in some ATI/NVidia platform. Is there anybody can tell me why it happens and how to resolve this issue?


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  • Have you enabled Direct3D and DXGI debugging?

    Typically this error is reported when the driver is being updated or if the driver crashes. Basically you have to destroy and recreate your Direct3D / DXGI devices if this happens.

    Wednesday, October 31, 2012 2:07 AM
  • Yes, it says the device has been removed. Sometimes the TDR error message will pop up , Error Messaging,some time the driver will crash and show blue screen.

    But when I use MediaTranscoder class and open Hardware transcoding, the error  never shows up. When I use source reader + video processor + sink writer and enable Hardware MFT, The error will happen frequently. My question is: it's a driver bug or some parameter I set are wrong? 

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