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    hi there, i have really done a number on my compaq presario c700 laptop, it would not boot up at all so i tried to restore to factory settings using the partition on the hardrive by pushing "f11" at bootup menu, this froze at 70% so i restarted it and this time froze at 71%. after i rebooted my laptop i got the message  " windows failed to boot, this could be because of hardware failure etc.." "please insert windows installation disk, restart computer and choose "repair computer"."


    i stupidly then found an "emachines microsoft windows vista home premium 32-bit operating system disc", thinking this was my installation disk i put it into my laptop and restarted, the install windows menu came up and i installed windows vista home premium onto my laptop, my laptop now "thinks" it is a pc and will not use the wi-fi option to find my router and connect to the internet,


    all i want to do is to restore my compaq presario c700 laptop back to its orginal factory shipped settings but i am no longer able to access the "f11" menu with the option to restore factory settings, i have no recovery disks because i forgot to make some which i sorely regret not doing. i am not able to doanything to restore my laptop to factory settings that i know of i have searched the whole laptop and cannot find anything to do with restoring my laptop back to factory settings. my laptop "thinks" it has a brand new windows on it and will not system restore as there are no restore points to go back to.


    im sure im not the only person to have ever done this with a laptop and would really appreciate any help i could be given in order to fix this big problem of mine, my laptop is only 6 months old. thankyou for taking the time to read this and hopefully if you have a solution to my problem , you could help me resolve this and restore my laptop to its original condition.



    Thankyou again



    Sunday, June 1, 2008 7:39 PM