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    Hello all,


    I am currently trying to implement a OCS deployment within our company. I just set up an edge server with access and web conferencing capabilities, however I am having problems with validation. My current edge setup is


    Fully qualified name = 2k3-32-edge , this edge is in a workgroup, the CA root cert is installed as required.


    On my internal interface I was reading that you should create the cert to match the FQDN, so i did this, I made it 2k3-32-edge, I get errors when validating from the front end.


    I have been reading the Edge server deployment guide and followed the instructions, but some of it is not clear.


    I have to ask someone for help now. I need an explanation of how everything should be named, If someone could take a min to explain this it would help me greatly and prob alot of others having this same issue.



    FQDN's           OCS SE SERVER =                                          2k3-32-ocs.contoso.local

       Pool Name =                                                    2k3-32-ocs

      Edge Server on Workgroup Full computer name = 2k3-32-edge

      Edge Internal Interface FQDN =                           2k3-32-edge

      Edge Access External FQDN =                           access.contoso.local

      Edge Web External FQDN =                               web.contoso.local



    I dont know what to name the edge in the workgroup. and what to name to cert.


    Wednesday, August 13, 2008 11:54 PM

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