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  • Hello dear friends.

    I want to take some few Microsoft exams and I don't have motivation to study.

    How can I create motivation for studying?

    Tuesday, May 10, 2016 7:12 AM


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  • Spend less time online asking how to get motivated, and just start studying.
    Tuesday, May 10, 2016 6:04 PM
  • Hi, Kataby.

    You obviously know the value of certification or you wouldn't be considering it - great!

    I believe the motivation will come from within when you figure out which certification you want to earn. Perhaps it's not motivation you seek but rather a little guidance to help you get started.

    Note that once you pass your first Microsoft certification exam, you will then be a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) - for life! You can put the MCP logo on your resume as well.

    Depending on your career role with computers, you should try identifying which certification track you'd like to pursue. I recommend looking at the available Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) titles. They usually require you to pass two or three exams. Here is the listing of available MCSA titles. Find the one you want and click on it to see what exams you need to pass to earn it.


    Note that these MCSA certifications never become marked as Expired, Retired, or Inactive. Instead, perhaps ten (10) or more years from now they eventually will be marked as Legacy.

    Once you have decided on a particular MCSA title, you can focus on preparing and passing your first certification exam. Open the exam's detailed webpage and print out the exam's Skills measured section that outlines what you need to study.

    Then take a look at the preparation options Microsoft offers you near the bottom of that same webpage. Many times they include motivational training videos, Microsoft Press study guides, a practice exam, and a forum/wiki for sharing information without other folks trying to pass the same exam. You are not alone! As well, check out the free training at http://mva.microsoft.com to help you get prepare.

    Many people fail their first exam attempt but no one goes around bragging about it. I failed my first exam attempt! Don't worry if you do fail and don't give up. Study up and try again. Your certification transcript only shows the exams you have passed and the certifications you have earned.

    Microsoft has a great promotion right now that can be a great confidence booster and a money saver. It's called the Microsoft Certification Booster Pack. For a few dollars more than a single exam price, you can buy up to five (5) attempts for the same exam. You could also buy retakes and a practice exam. Check it our here:


    Good luck!

    Best wishes, Davin Mickelson

    Wednesday, May 11, 2016 2:57 PM