Wireless Network Backup to HubPC w/External Drive Works Fine RRS feed

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  • It works.  My procedure follows.  It may/may not be correct. 


    My son's desktop PC uses a wireless connection and it has a built-in Ethernet connection. 


    OneCare assumed that a Wireless system is in a "Public Place", even though it is a Desktop in his bedroom, not a laptop.  Change the defaults to let OneCare understand what's going on. 

    • Windows Live OneCare (open)
    • Change Settings (click)
    • Firewall Tab : Advanced Settings (click)
    • New Dialogue Box, OneCare Firewall Advanced Settings
    • Network Connections Tab:   (click)
    • Actions: a) Location - Zone Change, b) Clear Unconnected.


    Think it was change the "Location" from public to "Home or Work"..., then "Clear Unconnected" to take care of the built-in Ethernet.


    I made my son get off his newest game, Portal (Valve Software), to do the last update and his Backup.  It's easier than moving the external drive around for future use, just set-up items.


    Sunday, February 3, 2008 12:37 AM