metadata not writing to JPGs located in a shared folder RRS feed

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  • We keep all of our photos on a Windows Home Server 2011 shared folder.

    Previously, we kept all our photos in a WHS v1 shared folder and it did not exhibit these issues.

    The issue:  Metadata not writing to JPGs

    We manage all our photos with Adobe Lightroom 3 and it is set to write metadata to a file immediately, which it does intitally or after a new import (We

    edit our photos with ratings first, which writes to the file).

    Any change after the first metadata write the "!" or "Up Arrow" appears and indicates that metadata has been changed externally.  Even after you select

    overwrite settings the "!" or "Up Arrow" stays.

    If we select a batch set of photos and right click and navigate to Save Metadata...Lightroom will try to write and finish, but none of the changes get

    applied to the photo.

    Metadata will write if we manually save metadata to each individual file, but the "!" or "Up Arrow" still appears.

    If the files are located on a local drive, Lightroom will continue to make metadata changes to the file.


    I feel this is a permissions issue.  Has anything regarding file permissions changed from WHS v1 to WHS 2011?

    Homegroup on WHS 2011 was turned on, but is now disabled.

    Any thoughts on how Lightroom gain the proper permissions to keep writing to a file.


    Also, since I turned off Homegroup there are permissions for a user Account Unknown.  Should this be there?
    Tuesday, June 14, 2011 6:19 PM