Sort order of view mixed up RRS feed

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  • So, here I am again, facing a crazy issue in CRM online 2013. Not life threatening, but rather annoying.

    In CRM outlook client 2013, I have created a view for Cases. This view is sorted on two columns, Status and Created On.

    Status is ascending, Created On is descending.

    When I open the view, it is sorted as expected, Yeay!

    If I click somewhere else (like accounts, or whatever) and switch back to cases, the sort order of the grid is mixed up.

    Both columns are still sorted, but both are now sorted Descending. When I right click a column and choose "View Settings", I can see the order has been changed. I can change it back to Ascending and click OK, which will adjust the view to my liking. However, if I click back and forth, the sort order is mixed up again!

    Can anyone confirm this behaviour and perhaps know of a fix or workaround? I am on Outlook 2010, CRM Outlook Client 2013 (rollup 1).

    Friday, February 7, 2014 11:08 AM