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  • Hi, I have a small HPC 2008  cluster that I'm trying to deploy additional software using node templates.  Firstly is this ideal for deploying simple .msi files in un-attended mode?

    In the test template (with OS)I have I'm trying to do the following:

    Maintenance tasks (because deployment tasks didn't seem to work after install of the OS)

    Post Install Command: net us z: \\%CLUSTERNAME%\REMINST
    Post Install Command: copy z:\unattend.xml c:\temp

    The first command succeeds but the second command doesn't. The error I'm getting from the provision log is:
    Process failed, exit code 1, Incorrect function.

    Trying this in a standard command prompt on the node as the user listed in the HPC manager works without a problem. The cluster is part of the AD but the headnode isn't a DC.

    Is there something I'm missing?

    Thanks in-advance,

    Peter Tiggerdine
    Thursday, November 26, 2009 5:03 AM


  • Hi Peter
    A few things here
    1. I deploy simple msi packages to nodes during both deployment and maintenance. I've found that setting up a 'Run OS Command' step for each install which runs the install directly from a network share using
    msiexec /qn /i \\server\share\install.msi
    works a treat
    2. When you say 'deployment tasks didn't seem to work after install of the OS' do you mean any tasks in the deployment section or have you only tried a copy command. I have several bespoke tasks in the deployment section of our standard node deployment template, all of which work well, but I have seen issues with file copies in this section.
    3. I have a file copy task in the maintenance section which works OK. In my case I do not map a drive first, but rather copy directly from a DFS network location to the node using something like
    copy \\dfs.path\share\%computername%\file c:\targetdir\targetfilename.ext
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