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  • Hi, we have had RCC working for the last 3 months in our company. We have recently added an edge server and reverse web proxy to our setup and now we are able to log in from PC's outside our internal network.
    The problem we have observed is that RCC stops working when the same user logs in at the same time from different PC's. It seems that when logged in from different client IP's, RCC packets are sent to just one of the clients, and usually this is not the client that generated the request. I will try to explain myself better:
     User cristian is logged in in two PC's, PCA and PCB
     User cristian has RCC enabled in OCS
     PCA is inside my internal network
     PCB is outside of my internal network (from Internet logged in through the edge server)

    When I click to call in my PCA's communicator  to generate a call in my PBX a packet is generated from PCA to our OCS server, then sent to the PBX
    The call is generated but the status window of that converstion does not update and remains in the initial state (calling the other party)

    Watching the event log reveals that our PBX answers the OCS server with the usual sequence of packets but the OCS servers forwards the packets to PCB instead of PCA.

    Anybody knows if RCC is supported with multiple point of presence?

    We are interested in deploying Communicator Mobile Clients (we have a couple of Motorola Q's that work great with COMO), but if RCC is broken this could affect our decission?

    Thanks in advance,
    Thursday, February 7, 2008 12:26 PM

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    Hi Cristian,

    If you are using Cisco Unified Presence Server (CUPS), then multiple points of presence is not supported. In the CUPS to OCS put out by cisco, it mentions it in the "limitations" section.


    "Multiple Point of Presence (MPOP): As of the CUP release 6.0(1), the MPOP feature where a MOC user is logged in from more than

    one location is not supported by CUP. Support for this feature affects other interoperability features between the Cisco CUP and the

    Microsoft OCS. The affected features include basic placement and teardown of calls and locations-based call forwarding. These

    features are inherent to MPOP and without support for this feature, the user experiences loss of device and call control when logged inmultiple locations."



    So it looks like a no go. Maybe it will be fixed in CUPS 6.0.3.





    Wednesday, February 13, 2008 4:15 AM

    Thanks Matt for your answer.


    I am not using Cisco in this integration, I am using the IP-PBX of the company I work for, Teldat. Anyway, I just wanted to know if this limitation was impossed by Microsoft or by our product, or both,  and if anyone had succesfully implemented RCC+MPOP succesfully.


    It is nice to know that Cisco does not support this scenario too Smile


    I will do some more testing as soon as I can and will let everyone know. Regards,


    Wednesday, February 13, 2008 4:11 PM