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  • hi,

    when trying to write custom sync provider, i have encountered an error which says:

    Microsoft.Synchronization.FrameworkVersionMismatchException: The metadata store cannot be opened because it has been updated by synchronization components that are newer than those installed on this computer.

    this the code where i think reflects the exception

     if (!File.Exists(_replicaMetadataFile))
                    fields.Add(new FieldSchema(TIMESTAMP_COLUMNNAME, typeof(System.UInt64)));
                    _metadataStore = SqlMetadataStore.CreateStore(_replicaMetadataFile);
                    _crmReplicaMetadata = _metadataStore.InitializeReplicaMetadata(IdFormats, ReplicaId, null, null);

                    _metadataStore = SqlMetadataStore.OpenStore(_replicaMetadataFile);
                    _crmReplicaMetadata = _metadataStore.GetReplicaMetadata(IdFormats, ReplicaId);


    my application is synchronization between sqlexpress provider and custom sync provider.

    when i set the idFormats, of the propertyis of sqlSyncProvider is set to "IdFormats.ItemIdFormat.Length = 10240";

    when i try to implement this on my custom provider, it throws an exception indication that "System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Max length cannot exceed 8000 bytes.
    Parameter name: idFormats"

    so i have reduced both sqlSyncProvider IdFormats.ItemIdFormat.Length = 1024

    and my custom provider as well.

    i don't know if thats related in anyhow but i thought it was important to mention.


    thanks !

    Thursday, September 16, 2010 9:34 AM