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  • So I just built a home server running Windows Home Server 2003 Power Pack3 and it's up and running fine with one exception, I am not able to remove access the server. I have been reading forums and help sections but have been unable to connect. I keep getting the same error:

    "verifying that your remote website is available from internet FAILED"

    I have gone into my router's
    (Linksys WRT610N)setting's and turned on Upnp as the sites have suggested but it still does not work. I have let WHS do all the setting up for me through the wizard but it still does not work. NEED HELP.

    Oh and for the record, the new build runs excellent not a hitch. Just have this damned problem with the remote access. I do not know really anything about networking or routers, so any answers will need to be broken down Barney style if you don't mind. Thanks guys.


    Also I have an SD card reader installed, when a card is inserted it doesn't show up on the list of HDD's I have installed, is that normal? Does WHS not support that?

    Saturday, May 22, 2010 10:06 PM

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  • Please test your remote access from a location other than your home. The "verifying..." error sometimes happens because of minor configuration issues external to the server itself. As long as you can reach your Remote Access web site, the "verifying..." error shouldn't present any actual problem.

    As for the SD card reader, A) have you installed any drivers for it, and B) how large is the card you've tested with? There may not be any "in box" drivers for the reader in Windows Home Server, and you will not see a "drive" (card in this case) show up if it's less than the smallest supported drive, which is 10 GB.

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Saturday, May 22, 2010 10:32 PM
  • OK, I will try what you suggested. Hopefully it works. If not I will re-post.  As for the card reader, I assumed it was plug-n-play. Will look for some drivers off the site. Thanks again.
    Saturday, May 22, 2010 10:53 PM
  • OK, I tried having my dad login and the connection times out for him. Still no clue what to do. I am wondering if it is something I don't have set right on my router, even though, the WHS wizard says it's configuring the router.

    I have read that multiple modems can cause issue. I have Time Warner Cable Internet/Phone/Cable, and it is run through a Motorola modem, and then on to an RCA computer cable modem for my internet. Think that that could be causing issue?

    Sunday, May 23, 2010 1:47 AM
  • Here is my network layout, I included the pics as well as the text.

    #1 Internet/Cable TV/Digital Phone Modem ->> #2 Coax cable to my internet cable modem - >> #3 Linksys router(WRT610N) - >> #4 3 PC's, and home server. All connected at the router. Here are the pics.


    The pics are actually in reverse order, the order starts from the bottom up to the linksys router. Plus the pics have descriptions. Thanks again guys for the assistance.
    Sunday, May 23, 2010 2:40 PM
  • You have three devices that may be acting as routers; it's likely that this is the source of your issue. If possible, you should remove one of the three devices (one of the cable modems would be preferable); check with your ISP's technical support on how best to achieve this, but most probably you don't need the Motorola cable modem in the chain at all any more.

    Once you're down to two devices, see if you can put one of them into "bridge" mode. Again, your ISP's tech support is going to be your best bet here, assuming they supplied all of the devices in the first place. Failing that, you will need to forward ports from the first "router" to the second "router", and from there to your server.

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Sunday, May 23, 2010 2:57 PM
  • Thanks for all your help but I have just given up on the remote access issue. I just tried port forwarding and it fails. I have to use the double modem because the apartment I live in is an old building and none of the phone jacks, or the cable tv jacks work. There fore they use the phone/internet/cable modem. The lucky part is that this server was a build my dad asked me to do, so it won't be staying very long here at my house. It's going to his new house and he won't have these issues with double modems and all. Thanks again for your help.
    Sunday, May 23, 2010 3:48 PM