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  • I had Windows Home Server 2008 installed and everything was running fine, but the server computer went kaput so I installed the same software (Windows Home Server 2008) on another computer. This time, however, it has hijacked my Internet Explorer on all 3 home computers - plus on the server. All I can go to is the server homepage. All 3 home computers are running Windows 7 and IE 8 or 9. I installed the new Home Server 2011 on another computer, but could not get any of the home computers to connect, so I went back with 2008 until I figure the newer one out. I turned the server off, and I can go to the Internet with my computer, but the other 2 computers still have a problem. I can go to some places on the Internet on the other 2, but not all - places like google.com, are not accessible on one, but are on the other. MSN.com is accessible on the other, but not on the one that gets google.com. I tried restoring one of the computers to an earlier time, but no change. I started the server again, turned "web site connectivity" off, and still no change. I turned the server off again, still cannot get to Google.com on the one but can with the other. I can get to MSN.com on the other, but not on the first. I reset my router to default, no change. My Internet comes via satellite and through their router then to a Linksys WRT54G wireless router, then to a switch. (One of the other 2 computers is a laptop.) Everything worked fine until I installed the new WHS, and now even with it shut off things are not working right. It would be nice to get the newer 2011 version working, but I will settle for the 2008 version. (On the new version, the message I got was “cannot connect to the server” and “server not available” even though I was setting up the connector software from the server itself. It would go so far as to ask me for the server password each time, then I got the same messages above every time.) The same password works for remote desktop connection.

    Monday, August 1, 2011 7:45 PM

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  • Not sure what you were doing here "(On the new version, the message I got was “cannot connect to the server” and “server not available” even though I was setting up the connector software from the server itself.". Connector software is installed on clients not server and you can only have one Connector installed at a time (either WHS1 or WHS2011).

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    Monday, August 1, 2011 8:50 PM
  • Sorry I was unclear. When I tried to set up my computer with the connector software for the WHS, I got the abovementioned error. I navigated to the software on the server and setup from there. I understand about only one version may be installed - I uninstalled connector software for the 2008 version and then tried to install the 2011 version. I got as far as to where it asked me for the password, which I obviously know as I am the one who installed it on the computer. That's when I get the errors above. However, I can log onto the server via remote desktop and use the same password.
    Monday, August 1, 2011 9:24 PM
  • Check system date, time, and time zone on your clients and your server.
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    Tuesday, August 2, 2011 12:40 PM
  • This morning my wife said her computer was acting properly, as she could get to all the websites. Who knows. Anyhow, I had checked the date, time, and time zone and it was correct on all the computers (clients) and on the server. So I rebooted the router and all computers, reinstalled Server 2011, and everything went well. Oddly enough, I downloaded the connector software for 2011 and it could not find the server, but when I clicked on network (Windows 7) the server was there. So I went to http://server/connect and it installed properly this time. Just as a side note: I used a 200 gig hard drive, as the minimum was 160 gig. I had not plugged in my external hard drive in the server yet, so it told me there was not enough room for backups. I plugged the USB external drive in, connected via remote desktop and set it up, and then set up my backups. I cannot see why people are complaining about the drive situation on server 2011 - it went smoothly and works fine. The difference I noticed this time was it asked me to set up a backup for the server, too - something server 2008 did not do.  So all is well, but this time I did not set up the remote access via the Internet, as I have a feeling setting the remote access up was what caused my problems. I just use Teamviewer, and it does what I need to do.
    Tuesday, August 2, 2011 7:08 PM
  • Good to hear it's fixed because I could not think of any mechanism which could have caused your problems so had no more suggestions to make!
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    Tuesday, August 2, 2011 7:36 PM
  • I still have problem. I tried logging in through the dashboard, which appeared on my desktop, but could not. I figured out I needed to add a login name, which I did. It then allowed me to log in via Launchpad. I could not get to the desktop with remote desktop connection, so I enabled remote desktop. Then the client computers could not go to the Internet - no matter which website I tried to go to, IE told me "There is a problem with the website's security certificate." If I clicked on continue, IE added /remote to whatever website I was trying to get to and asked me for the server password. I input that, and IE then took me to "remote web access" page. I then noticed the icon said "no internet access" on the server as well as on all 3 clients. I reset the router, but that did not help. I turned remote access off, rebooted the router, and then had access to the Internet. I am trying to set up remote access to my server from church. This is the first time I have been able to get the "remote web access" page, but not having Internet access is undesirable. I am using a Hughes net HN9000 router, then to a Linksys WRT54G wireless router (set up as dhcp server) then to a switch, as I needed more than 4 ports. I had a problem with updates, which kept rebooting the server. It would not boot with the external hard drive plugged in. I searched several forums and picked the most logical solution - I added a PCI USB card. Now the server can reboot, with the external drive plugged in, but I had to add the external hard drive again. It did not format it again, I assume it recognized it.  If I can get the server to allow remote access, and allow the 3 client computers to access the Internet, all will be well. Thanks for your assistance, Jon who used to run the help desk for a major Oil refinery, so I am capable of doing almost anything except figure this out.

    Friday, August 5, 2011 7:32 PM