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  • I've been working with MS Tool Kit for about 9 months and it works pretty darn good. But of course the timer sucks because it go's away. One feature I do like was after it turned off automatically with a script. When my users came and turned the computer on in the morning the computer would boot up and keep the name PUBLIC in username so when the Library opened patrons would only have to sit down and hit enter and away they go.


    Well, I just have been working with the new program STEADYSTATE for about 2 months and I have in up on all my computers in the Library. (of course now the timer stays up for the duration of the time I have set,,Nice feature).  My problem is,,,,, when the computer shuts off at night and then my users come in in the morning and turn on the computer it won't stay with the PUBLIC username.  It keeps reverting back to admin and my users get fustrated because they have to change the name to PUBLIC click enter and then log off and then it will stay all day with the PUBLIC name. But, every monring,  now they turn it on and then have to retyped PUBLIC!!!!


    Has anyone experience this???? I need the computer to turn on in the morning and have the username stay on PUBLIC so my users don't have to do anything except turn it on and wait for the patrons come in and use the computer. Is there a setting or anything I can do about this.  HELP!!! Thank You



    Friday, September 14, 2007 12:16 AM


  • Hi Ric,


    Did this issue occur when restarting at daylight? Do you have Windows Disk Protection (WDP) enabled?


    Base on my experience, this issue can occur if the last log on user before you configure WDP to “Retain all changes permanently” is administrator instead of public user.


    You can perform the following steps to check the result:


    1. Configure SteadyState WDP to “Retain all changes permanently”.

    2. Log on with public user account and restart from the user account.

    3. Log on with administrator and configure WDP to "Remove all changes at restart"


    Restart the computer to check if the public user name can be kept. 


    You can also configure the public user account to log on automatically when computer starts. Please refer to the following thread:




    Best Regards,

    Monday, September 17, 2007 7:24 AM