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  • Why should i have to pay for xbox live?? i already pay for my internet bill every month.. now i have to pay for xbox live? 120$ for a year? ps3 alows you to connect to internet and go online yet xbox has enough money to come out with all the new games and consoles but can't give low life people with not alot of money a break? why should we americans have to pay for another type of internet so to speak when i can just go spend the 300$ and get a PS3 and the same games i have and play for free online... i have 2 kids and a wife.. i have to feed and work for them and my wife stays at home i don't make much money so i can't pay for my kids to play xbox 360 online i have to take them to their uncles house or their friends house so they can do that and sometimes i want to through the xbox out the window cause of how much problems where having.... PLEASE on be half of all the fathers/mothers out there.. get rid of the costly payment for xbox live .. it is not needed.
    Wednesday, April 24, 2013 1:41 AM