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  • After disabling the CRM 4.0 organization on the web frontend, I was able to successfully install CRM 2011 on a different web frontend, using the same SQL databases.  Once the upgrade was complete, I logged onto the CRM 4.0 web frontend and realized the organization had been automatically re-enabled.  I disabled it, and then I get an error that "The specified organization is disabled" when going into the CRM 2011 application. 

    In order for the CRM 2011 version to work, then, both web frontends need to be enabled.  How can I remove the CRM 4.0 organization completely?  I tried disabling it from the CRM 2011 deployment manager (under "Servers") and even deleted any trace of the CRM 4.0 server in the MSCRM_Config database (the dbo.Servers table).  Please help!

    Sunday, February 26, 2012 10:17 PM

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  • As I understand the scenario, you started with 2 nodes that were CRM 4.0 Front End Servers and a single SQL database.  You disabled the org in one Front End node and then upgraded the second to CRM 2011.  Then found that on the first Front End server that the 4.0 org had been re-enabled?

    If this is true, then the CRM 2011 upgrade actually upgraded the mscrm_config database.

    You will not be able to run a mixing of CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011 on the same SQL instance.  The 4.0 WFE is unable to work with the newer CRM 2011 config database, and may have in fact upgraded the org to 2011 depending on at what point the org was re-enabled.

    You would need to have more than one SQL server instance running if you intend to run CRM 4 and CRM 2011 on the same SQL server.

    If you don't care about the org, I would simply do an uninstall, delete the config and org databases and re-install.  Then install to existing databases on the second WFE if you want CRM 2011 on both servers.

    If you want to keep the org, back it up and try importing it into the CRM environment after the install completes.  Note:  If the org was actually upgraded, you will not be able to revert it back to a 4.0 org.  You can only go forward.

    As you indicated that you have attempted to clean up the 2011 config database and still see issues, it may be faster to simply uninstall and remove the config database and reinstall than it will take to find all the references causing this issue.

    Note that in the org database in the table OrganizationBase, there is a reference (IsDisabled) if the org is disabled or not.  Direct modification would not be supported by microsoft.

    Jason Peterson

    Monday, February 27, 2012 10:40 PM
  • Thanks Jason.

    Actually, I started with one WFE and a separate DB server running CRM 4.0.  I disabled the org running on the single CRM 4.0 WFE.  Then, I installed CRM 2011 on a new WFE and pointed to the existing DB and ran the upgrade which imports and upgrades the existing 4.0 database to 2011.  Somewhere along the line, the CRM 4.0 WFE seems to have connected to the upgraded database, in that if I disable the org on the old WFE, it disables it automatically in the new WFE and we can't access CRM.  It's a very odd situation, I realize. Other than this old WFE still connecting to the new CRM 2011 installation, everything else with the upgrade went fine.  I just need to get rid of that old CRM 4.0 WFE.  Hopefully this makes sense.  Any additional help would be so appreciated!

    Monday, February 27, 2012 10:48 PM
  • Luckily I figured this out.  What I did was go into the registry on the old CRM 4.0 server and under MSCRM, change the ConfigDB value to point to a different (incorrect) configuration database.  The broke the connection between the configuration database and the old server, and then I was able to uninstall CRM 4.0.

    Tuesday, February 28, 2012 6:51 PM