Install Oracle 8i on Pentium 4 machines RRS feed

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      T:\software\WIN\DWAREHSE\Oracle8i\P4 Oracle Install Files

      Log in as Administrator on Windows 2000 & Windows XP

      1. Unzip ouiosp 170200A.jar
      2. Go to C:/unzipped\cd\Disk1\Install\Win32\Setup - You may receive an
      error message (Ignore message) or nothing may seem to happen - go to
      step 3
      3. Run the J2rel_3_1_01 program. Installs a Java piece
      4. Go to C:\unzipped\cd\Disk1\Install\Win32\Setup - this time Oracle
      will install
      **Make sure you change the install directory to "c:\oracle"**
      [Next - Next - Complete - Next - Install - Exit]
      5. Run setup again, C:\unzipped\cd\Disk1\Install\Win32\Setup - Next
      At the second screen, at the Browse Path:
      Accept default Source and Destination paths [ C:\Oracle\Ora 81] --
      6. Choose Application User - Next
      7. On the Summary screen choose INSTALL
      8. At the Net 8 Configuration Screen - Click CANCEL
      9. Select YES on warning popup -- OK on error message -- NEXT at
      Configuration Tools
      10. Select EXIT on the End of Installation screen -- Choose OK at the
      confirmation screen.
      11. REBOOT PC. Log in as the USER of the PC before following step 12
      (Make sure to have a copy of tnsnames.ora & sqlnet on the hard
      drive - before rebooting)
      12. Copy the TNSNAMES.ORA and SQLNET.ORA files from
      T:\software\WIN\DWAREHSE\Oracle8i to

    Saturday, September 29, 2007 2:51 AM