Don't understand Live Search RRS feed

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  • I make a search on Live.com as following:
    keyword a site:mydomain.com

    Live Search lists 2 of my web pages in this order:

    In webmaster tools, when I search for keyword a,
    www.mydomain.com/keyword-a (once again pops up with rank 5)

    Till now I guess all in order, it's clear what web page is most relevant to the search term ...

    Then I search for
    keyword a on Live.com and the web page www.mydomain.com/keyword-a is nowhere to be found in search results, only MYDOMAIN.COM is on 2nd page.

    This is kinda weird, no?
    Tuesday, March 4, 2008 12:16 PM


  • With your hypothetical example, there is no possible way anyone could even attempt an analysis.  If your domain and keywords are so super secret that you can't post them here, find a similar real world example of the same thing happening to someone else.
    I can tell you, is that the following quote is comprised of deeply flawed logic:

    Till now I guess all in order, it's clear what web page is most relevant to the search term ...

    What you can actually tell is that for the web pages on your site, that term is relevant.  It likely has no bearing whatsoever on how relevant that page is for those terms.  The physical name of the page being served has some bearing on relevance, but it's a singular weighting factor, it might appear to be deeply significant when filtered by only the pages of your site, but it could be trivial when factored amongst many relevancy factors and millions of other pages.
    If what you are using for "keyword-a" is something that is extremely unique (like "ka32sx33ldsw" for example), and it doesn't show up, I would say something might be wrong, if it's a combination of reasonably common keywords I would say it's most likely just a perspective issue.


    Tuesday, March 4, 2008 9:19 PM