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  • I posted a question last night about an issue and the my threads section doesn't show it now! But 'my profile' shows the posts and when I click on them it says 'you are not authorized'!! Did I do any thing wrong?
    Thursday, May 19, 2011 2:33 PM

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  • Can you include the URL for the thread you posted to? 
    Community Forums Program Manager
    Friday, May 20, 2011 4:53 PM
  • You don't need the URL.

    This user posted the same SharePoint 2010 question twice to a pre-SharePoint 2010 forum.

    Once and I would have taken the extra trouble to move it but twice was just too much and I deleted them both.

    Moderator (pre-SP 2010 forums, who was at the time working through a massive backlog after being away for a week)

    SP 2010 "FAQ" (mainly useful links):
    WSS3/MOSS FAQ (FAQ and Links)
    Both also have links to extensive book lists and to (free) on-line chapters
    Saturday, May 21, 2011 10:25 AM
  • I'd rather see posts moved than deleted, or if moving them is too much trouble, maybe a reply letting the user know they posted in the wrong place. But just deleting them will probably just make users mad and it won't help them.
    Community Forums Program Manager
    Saturday, May 21, 2011 7:47 PM
  • When I came back from a week away I spent an awful lot of time moving SP 2010 posts from the pre-SP 2010 forums to the SP 2010 forums.

    I must over a couple of days have moved going on for 200 and of course only some of them were easy to spot (had SP 2010 in the Title) - the others either needed to be spotted by reading through all new messages (all new messages for 8 days!) or in one forum by going through all the posts marked there as abusive (by a kind soul indicating to me off-topic posts).

    This one was therefore a rare case where I flipped (caused by the post being made twice as well).

    Otherwise I do try to move posts wherever possible but I must say that it was annoying to see that many of the SP 2010 threads I found in the pre-SP 2010 forums had been replied to by MS Moderators who hadn't bothered to move them to a SP 2010 forum!


    P.S. I deleted two SP 2010 posts yesterday. The poster of them must by now have started something like 30+ threads by posting SP 2010 questions to a pre-SP 2010 forum. All previous posts from him were moved. He was also - by a couple of us - repeatedly told that his post again was posted to the wrong forum, yet he kept on doing so.  I hope that in such a case even you will consider that enough is enough and will accept that deletion is then justified.

    P.P.S. One thread I found had a post marked as abusive because it was off-topic as above  (i.e. with the purpose of alerting me) - YOU had removed the abusive mark !! (with the comment "not abusive") ...

    SP 2010 "FAQ" (mainly useful links):
    WSS3/MOSS FAQ (FAQ and Links)
    Both also have links to extensive book lists and to (free) on-line chapters
    Sunday, May 22, 2011 6:54 AM
  • This is all fine. I mean the forum rules and stuff. But I badly need to post a question. I did it yesterday too. But then I don't see that again. Am I blocked or something?!

    Thursday, May 26, 2011 3:27 PM
  • I  doubt very much that I deleted them.

    In the previous case when I deleted your posts they were still available when I accessed your profile - now when I access your profile there is nothing listed.

    - if the new posts had been made and then deleted, they ought still to be listed for at least up to now.

    - the fact that no posts (at all) are now listed for you and in fact no normal profile page is worrying as I have only earlier seen this in the case of banned users.

    I have certainly not requested a ban and I can't see why anyone else should either.

    Hopefully Brent will see your post and this and will be able to investigate.

    In the meantime consider setting up a different Hot Mail account and posting using that.  You could also let me know in this thread (I'll get an alert) what you have posted (Title) to what forum and with what Display Name so I can check if I can see it.

    SP 2010 "FAQ" (mainly useful links):
    WSS3/MOSS FAQ (FAQ and Links)
    Both also have links to extensive book lists and to (free) on-line chapters
    Thursday, May 26, 2011 7:09 PM
  • Frankly speaking, I came back to this thread after some days and didn't go through what all you guys posted above throughly but below is the link to my new question and I am able to see it. So no issues I guess. Thanks guys for taking time to help me.




    Thursday, May 26, 2011 11:06 PM