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  • In navigating the Marketplace, if you hapen to be in a category that has more than one page of apps, and you decide to view an app that was on page 4, afterwhich you hit [back], you will be returned to the first page of that category.  It is so inconvenient to have to return to the place where you left off and continue browsing.  Why can't you just be brought back to the last page your were browsing?

    Also, a brief description of what the app does under its icon on the category page would be most helpful instead of trying to guess what each one does based on its name or reading through a bunch of text trying to determine its purpose.

    How about a Filter based on price or author/source, as well as a Sort based on name, rating, or date submitted?

    And lastly, wouldn't it be advantageous to have some kind of wishlist that one can save apps that have caught their interest for later retrieval/purchase/download?  A place one can go to after their browsing experience whithout having to remember where they saw that app that they liked?  This would help my shopping experience in facilitating my discovery if there was something else out there was similar in function but better in perfromance, price, or interace.

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010 4:21 PM


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