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  • Hi there,

    Just wanted to vent a bit...

    I discovered that I had a problem with my system disk -- lots of bad sectors and read problems.  So, I looked up how to do a system recovery and got myself ready... btw it's a HP 495 server. 

    But I didn't really trust that the recovery process would safeguard my data, so I backed everything up to an external drive.  The recovery process went smoothly, and to all appeareances my data was recovered successfully.

    However, on closer examination, one entire directory of music -- 1900 or so files -- were missing.  The directories were there, and the .jpg of cover art was there, but the .flac music files were missing.  In one of the other directories all of the flac files were present and accounted for. 

    So, for me, the recovery process was as bust.  If I hadn't backed my data up, or I'd had a sudden catastrophic system disk failure, I'd have been SOL. 

    What's the point in having this quasi-RAID array if the data isn't secure?  Since I now have to back all of my files up to an external drive, I'm going back to an XP machine with two big-ass drives so that I can use some cheap freeware to do a nightly backup.

    Thanks for listening,





    Friday, April 8, 2011 10:16 PM