Highpoint Rocket 100 EIDE controller hangs WHS RRS feed

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  • Hi:  I seem to have caused a problem for myself.


    I discovered that the Rocket 100 caused WHS to hang when installing it so I removed it and WHS installed ok (after deleting the partition).


    Then I installed Rocket 100 with a drive attached and WHS hung on the boot.


    So I removed the drive and rebooted, it booted OK and noticed the Rocket 100 for the first time and it seemed OK.  I did not update the driver because everything seemed OK at that point.  (Big Mistake!)


    Then I tried to reboot and it hangs both with a drive and without a drive attached.


    Now I read Highpoint's notes and discover that probably what is happening is now the Microsoft distributed driver is trying to load when the Rocket 100 is installed and this driver apparently is causing the hang.  Highpoint says their new driver is ok.


    So how can I reset WHS so that it won’t try to load the old driver on boot but will recognize the Rocket 100 and then permit me to upgrade the driver before I reboot again?


    I see instructions for just that at Microsoft site as per Highpoint driver notes but for Windows Server 2000 and I don’t see the boot files for WHS. 

    "If Setup detects a mass storage device that causes Setup to stop responding (hang), you should remove the reference to that controller from the [Scsi.load] and [SCSI] sections of the Txtsetup.sif file. To disable a line in the file, place a semicolon (Wink in front of the line.

    If you are starting your computer from the Windows CD-ROM, create the Windows Setup boot disks by using the batch file located on the CD-ROM. The Txtsetup.sif file is located on the first boot disk. "


    I don't see these files in the C: root, can someone tell me how to modify the WHS boot files so it ignores the currently installed driver?


    Thanks.  Eric Lewis 


    Wednesday, July 11, 2007 9:03 PM


  • I've looked at Highpoint and Promise websites to look for declarations of support for Windows 2003.  It turns out they don't claim support for the Rocket 100.  I've decided to upgrade for this reason and just placed an order for the Highpoint RocketRAID 454.  This case is closed.
    Friday, July 13, 2007 3:45 AM