What EXACTLY are brain dumps, are "historical questions" illegal and are the VCE questions illegal too? RRS feed

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  • Hello. This is probalby sensitive question, so i will try to explain it as clear and precise as possible.

    I've read the exam policies and FAQ of MS Server 70-461 exam, spefically the "exam security and integrity process". I am new at this subject, so please help me out.

    For what i understand, brian dumps are questions that were illegaly copied from the MS exam somehow. So the first question is: are all of sample qestions that are floating arond the internet illegal and considered brain dumps or are some of them consedered historical questions and are acceptable? For example, few years ago, when i was doing financial licenses in poland, the regulator that provided the exams was publishing the historical tests in thier original form. That was the base for the learning process for multiplie chice question - like exams, simmilar to the 70-461 exam in thier form. So in simple word, does brain dumps reffears to recent exam question or are they ALL questions taken feom the exams illegally, historical questions of some kind or simmilar questions to the 70-461 exam treated all alike?   

    Second question: i wanted to use somthing like VCE exam simulator, but from what i see, this is illegal also? I know that Microsoft refears specifcally to the payed sites with "brain dumps". So, concludig, is only the simulator attached to the 70-461 server kit accepted? 

    Third and final question: how to prepare without beeing accused of cheating. From what i see this is somke kind of plauge here, considered the security mesaures taken. Myself i am against cheating in any form, even when i had to pay for my itegrity (cheating is a plauge in polish univeristies). Also, last ones of the exams i was mentioning above were taken in fonetic room under the cammeras, so i am used to fair play so to speak. However i wanted to clarify thouse issues. 

    Ps. i am really new at this subject, i want to take on the exam in a few weeks time, i am learning from udemy courses and Itzik Ben-Gan book. However my current knowlege of sql quering is still insufficent. So bonus question here: how helpfull is the exam simulator from the sql server traing kit book (since probalby i cannot use VCE one?) The book here cost about 200 PLN, which is equivalent in purchasing powet to 200 USD i guess, that is why i am asking :)

    Thanks for all the future repilies, sorry for my bad writing and take care :)

    Sunday, January 26, 2020 6:34 PM