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  • I do not understand why I had to re-activate after adding 3 400GB hard drives to my WHS.  Nothing else was changed or added.  I hope that that does not happen with the final release since it is designed to be a scalable solution.  I also had an issue with my WHS Console not being able to connect even though it was giving me the red warning and a balloon that told me to re-activate.  If I had a headless server, I would not have been able to do it.  Now I am having an issue with my WHS Console not connecting from my main computer.  I removed and re-installed the connector software and it still will not connect.  It comes up and I enter my password and it just sits there with the little line pulsing and nothing else happens.
    Monday, May 14, 2007 7:19 PM

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  • Same issue here - but more simply.  Installed WHS RC1 on a single 120gb hdd.  Got everything running smoothly and updated.  Then added a second empty identical 120gb and it asked me to reactivate, and then wouldn't let me use the same key again!  This kind of behaviour cannot make it to release, otherwise there will be problems - MS are encouraging users to expand their storage...
    Wednesday, June 27, 2007 3:43 PM
  • Is it possible that you reset your system date? Doing that has been known to trigger the time bomb built into the beta versions of WHS.
    Wednesday, June 27, 2007 4:56 PM
  • I had to reactivate as well after adding two new hard drives and a SATA controller. Fortunately I still had some essentials (keyboard, mouse, monitor) hooked up to the server so I could see what it was complaining about.

    Making more intense hardware changes (CPU, etc.), I can see where the forced activation comes in. But in a OS where you're welcomed to add more storage (disclaimer: you may have to reactivate), I don't see the sense in that.



    Thursday, June 28, 2007 4:25 PM
  • Have you changed anything else - like date/time etc? as I have added and removed drives on a sporadic basis for all the betas and never had any activation problems. Had others, but not that!



    Thursday, June 28, 2007 5:34 PM
  • No date/time changes or anything else. I would shutdown the box, install the hard drives, turn it back on, and activate.
    Friday, June 29, 2007 3:49 PM
  • I have seen the same thing happen- add new HDD = having to call Ahmed in IndiaStan to reactivate WHS. Not only that, but I've also had to reactivate for a clean (reinstallation) and that other type of installation (yeah, I forgot its name).


    And just why in the hell are we having to activate a beta OS anyhow?



    **EDIT** Speaking of time changes, I have seen the time settings on WHS change several times. I installed it set on Central and it changed to Pacific, Eastern, and even some foreign times!



    Tuesday, July 3, 2007 9:39 PM
  • I have just installed RC.  Install didn't recognise my NIC, so installed the driver post-install.  Ran Windows Update and installed all available updates. 

    Rebooted and now it says my evaluation has expired!!  I can say my 1 hour evaluation period was extremely unsatisfactory.  And yes, my BIOS date is set correctly!

    Friday, July 13, 2007 1:32 AM
  • I think WHS has a long ways to go before it becomes useful. As a matter-of-fact, I have taken the Connector software off of all of my machines and have shutdown the machine running WHS.


    One of the main uses for this OS is to facilitate easy backups and restores. From my own experiences, it does neither well. While the backup itself didn't take too long, about 20 minutes, the restore process was agonizing slow. Hell, I could reinstall the OS in less time. What's worse is that the system itself was all messed-up afterwards and if it wasn't for having Ghost backing everything up, I'd be up a *** creek.


    The problems got worse and worse when finally, WHS was reporting all sorts of errors (such as drive failures), when there weren't any. Then the backup database became "corrupt", but there was no way to fix it (or even see if this just wasn't any false alarm). I guess the final straw was having to wait on the phone for 15 minutes waiting to talk to Achmed so that I could re-activate WHS.


    I know that with Beta and RC software, this is to be expected. I just don't have to be a part of it. I also am of the mind that WHS and/or Connector have screwed-up my OS in some strange manner; I just can't quite make the connection. But the symptoms are the same on all machines that had Connector installed.


    Friday, July 13, 2007 2:26 AM
  •  colpeady wrote:

    I have just installed RC. Install didn't recognise my NIC, so installed the driver post-install. Ran Windows Update and installed all available updates.

    Rebooted and now it says my evaluation has expired!! I can say my 1 hour evaluation period was extremely unsatisfactory. And yes, my BIOS date is set correctly!

    Sure, your BIOS clock is set correctly, NOW. That's why the timebomb expired you after WHS automatically set the clock. If you had set the BIOS clock correctly BEFORE installing, you may not be having this problem now. The CMOS battery can be suspect sometimes too.

    Hope that helped...

    Friday, July 13, 2007 2:37 AM
  • I do believe that there is something strange going on with WHS and time. I decided to restore my desktop PC today, mainly to see what would happen (I plan on installing Vista this weekend anyway). The last back up was two days at 3:00am so that’s what I used. The restore process was very quick and painless. However, after I logged in I noticed the clock was showing 1:22PM. The current time was 10:22AM. I check the desktops time zone and it was correctly set for Central Time. So, why would WHS set the time forward 3 hours? And, yes, the time on the desktop was correct the last time I used it.

    Friday, July 13, 2007 4:54 AM
  • Sorry that didn't help at all.


    The BIOS date was set correctly pre-install.

    Friday, July 13, 2007 5:13 AM
  • I had the same kind of issue with the connector from a client - once I uninstalled and then reinstalled the client I was back to normal.  No reboot was required and it took less than a minute.
    Friday, July 13, 2007 5:14 AM
  •  colpeady wrote:

    Sorry that didn't help at all.

    The BIOS date was set correctly pre-install.

    I can't get them all right and I'm sure you believe that it was but other than the CMOS battery possibility, that makes the most sense. After you updated the NIC driver it was able to connect to time.windows.com (default) and set your clock, thus setting the timebomb. Other options would be much more unlikely although not impossible.

    Also, while I'm sure that it's no consolation, now, the timebombs are removed for RTM so it wont happen to customers. It's only an issue with the beta builds, an unfortunate case of collateral damage.

    Friday, July 13, 2007 5:31 AM