ports 443 80 and 4125 open for WHS - security threat to PC? RRS feed

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  • Hi-

    I enabled port forwarding on my router of the above ports to the IP of my WHS machine, in order to enable remote access to my WHS.

    I just checked my PC with Gibson Research port checker. It informs me that these ports are open and insecure on my PC, in spite of the fact that I blocked them in my PC firewall (zone alarm).

    Before getting a WHS machine all my ports reported as "stealth" at Gibson Research port checker.

    Should this worry me?

    Thanks for your help
    Friday, April 17, 2009 2:49 AM


  • The GRC scanner isn't quite accurate in what it's saying... when you go there to have your PC scanned... all it sees is an IP address and really doesn't know if it belongs to a PC, a NAT router or a toaster... but will diligently scan it anyway... thinking that it's probably your desktop PC which generally doesn't have a reason to have 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS) or 4125 open.

    In your case... the scanner is seeing 80, 443 and 4125 open and labeling it as bad on the assumption that any open port is a threat to your PC's security and will cause all kinds of horror and pain... that isn't always the case, especially when you have a server in the house which has more of a reason to have ports open hosting services.

    Now... you'd have reason to worry if it was reporting some ports as being open that you didn't know about or didn't have services you know about and control listening to... however in your case, you've enabled Remote Access and want those ports open so your Home Server is accessible to you when working remotely.
    Friday, April 17, 2009 3:07 AM