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    Grandpa has been reading about the problems people are having trying to restore 64-bit systems from the 32-bit Restore CD for windows HOME sever. I understand the problem (the team didn't include a 64-bit restore CD, so Grandpa has to learn about drives and get the 32-bit version of them.)


    His system is working fine now but he wants to be sure that restore will work when it is needed. He doesn't fell confident that he has collected all the right drivers. Is there a way that he can test to see that system restore will work when he needs it, with out destroying his working PC.

    Saturday, October 3, 2009 9:51 PM

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  • You could boot from the restore CD (download the most current version), add the drivers as you have them and see, if the server is seen and backups are offered for restore.
    As long as you do not start the restore process (after selecting the restore targets), nothing will happen.
    Or you can try to perform the complete restore to an external (USB) drive.
    Best greetings from Germany
    Saturday, October 3, 2009 10:15 PM
  • Hi Olaf,
    Thank you for the advice. I'll try it!
    You have really helped us out.
    Sunday, October 4, 2009 7:52 PM