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  • Hi,

    I am trying to use the DBSyncProvider class in a client - server scenario. My requirements are that there would be multiple clients syncing with a central DB over WCF. I will also need batching and custom tracking. From what links I have gone through, I have seen only peer to peer sync happening with the DBSyncProvider. I have Framework 2 and 1 installed on my computer and the server DB has to be a SQL Server 2008 instance while the client DB has to be a SQL Express 2008 instance. I have the infrastructure set up and have successfully carried out an implementation that resembles peer to peer syncing as per the MSDN samples. However, I have not been able to incorporate batching into it. I need to have statistics regarding every batch that is upload and downloaded to and from the server.

    Can someone give me some guidance on the proper implementation on this ?
    Also, kindly tell me if the stored procs and the triggers for the DBs should exist on both the client as well as the server.

    Can anyone provide me a working sample of this kind of architecture ?
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